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San Christobal, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

11 Essential First-timer Tips to Renting a Flat in Gran Canaria (Part 1)

An exciting adventure, isn’t it? Your suitcase is already packed and you’re waiting for your friend to take you to the airport - with your one-way-ticket to Gran Canaria in your pocket. Because today’s the day. Your experience is about to start: a new country, getting to know new friends and learning the Spanish-language. Thousands of people dream of this moment and … Read More

Living in Gran Canaria

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Rural Hotels in Gran Canaria

9 Scenic Rural Retreats for the Serenity Seeker

  Some readers might be surprised, but the rumors are true: Gran Canaria is not only beaches, sun and sangria. And if you´re one of those visitors who just want to wait for his death by sitting around in a bar in the south´s typical food strips, … Read More

Gran Canaria Wedding Locations

9 Fairytale Wedding Photo Locations in Gran Canaria

  It isn’t such a secret anymore that Gran Canaria is a special place on planet Earth. The world´s best climate, 360 days of sun a year, a variety of different climate zones, and landscapes with many endemic plants. (And this is just a START of its … Read More