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Sleepy driver

The Subtle Art of Driving a Car in Gran Canaria

Depending on the local culture and the people, driving a car at your holiday destination can be a challenge. The difficult part isn’t the official traffic rules. They are very similar all over the world where traffic lights exist. Some exceptions are countries with steering wheels on the opposite side and where you get the subjective feeling of being a ghost driver. But … Read More

Moving to Gran Canaria

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Hiking in Gran Canaria

How to Prevent Emergencies When Hiking in Gran Canaria

  Ever walked above an ocean of clouds? Or hiked through a zone where you smell nothing but fresh rosemary? That’s what it’s like to hike in Gran Canaria’s outback. It’s an unforgettable journey through diverse and impressive landscapes. It’s … Read More

Gran Canaria Farmers Markets

Farmers markets: Fruits, folklore, and flair

Tomatos and bananas. That´s always the first answer when you ask travelers about which fruits from Gran Canaria they know. Although those two foods are very tasty, that´s not even half of the story. Thanks to the world´s best climate, the farmers … Read More

Rural Hotels in Gran Canaria

9 Scenic Rural Retreats for the Serenity Seeker

  Some readers might be surprised, but the rumors are true: Gran Canaria is not only beaches, sun and sangria. And if you´re one of those visitors who just want to wait for his death by sitting around in a bar in the south´s typical food strips, … Read More

Gran Canaria Wedding Locations

9 Fairytale Wedding Photo Locations in Gran Canaria

  It isn’t such a secret anymore that Gran Canaria is a special place on planet Earth. The world´s best climate, 360 days of sun a year, a variety of different climate zones, and landscapes with many endemic plants. (And this is just a START of its … Read More